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What is STM class?


With a focus on three powerful words,

Mind | Body | Soul, along with my passion for Somatic movement and experience teaching Dance, Pilates, Barre and Integrated Movement Therapies, these foundational classes incorporate healing and empowering movement to music. Through key tools that further develop body awareness, breathing techniques to calm the mind and ground the body and unique choreography moving to a soulful playlist!

Experience all the feels, releasing tension and stress from the body, creating space for positive energy to flow, allowing us to move with intention, confidence and grace.

STM is not just a fun, full body workout. This is a mindful practice, an educational journey through your mind and body and a community of support and positivity.



This STM class offers a gentle, low impact flow where we breathe, stretch and strengthen our body from the inside out, moving to music! This is also a great introductory session, if you are new to STM workouts and would like to learn the fundamentals of this transformative, somatic and therapeutic movement.

Soul-Tone MOVE

This STM class offers a unique mix of Dance, Pilates, and therapeutic movement to music. Kate incorporates many different genres in each class and has crafted a three-level technique for all fitness levels. This class builds strength from the inside out while focusing on core stability, fluid mobility, and moving with power, confidence and grace.

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