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What clients are saying about

“Dancing was just a way for me to burn calories. When I first came to Kate's Classes it was terrible. I expected more cardio and my body was not flexible enough, moreover, she mentioned recording the class. I freaked out because I was not sure if I could do it. As time goes by I realize that burning  calories isn't the focal point in this class. Building confidence is. Kate reminds us to enjoy the music and dance and I finally did enjoy the dance! Plus it burns calories too! It was a really great experience and beyond my expectations.

~UOIT student from Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre





"Feeling youthful again"


"So much more than physiotherapy!"

"I loved it! Inspired."


"Positive and worked out"

~Soul Tone Movement Workshop @ Modo Yoga Brooklin

"I feel calm"

"Fun, thank you"

"Less stressed."

"Care free and amazing."

"I feel lovely!"

"I loved your class, I feel great!"

"That was so fun." 

~Elementary Students

(Grades 2-6)

"Kate is a fabulous instructor with a tremendous knowledge of how the body moves. She guides her students with a patient but upbeat demeanor. I really didn't think I could "dance" and then I had a private class with Kate. She put me at ease immediately and her approach to layering and building upon each movement inspires confidence. In our session I was moving in ways I didn't realize I could! If you want to have fun, boost your confidence, feel better and sweat then you wont be disappointed!" 

~Kim R

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