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Astrology & YOU.


In-Depth Birth Chart Reading
55 minutes @ $145.00

Within a birth chart reading, we will journey through the depths of who you are, diving into your personality, character, soul calling and your emotional body. We will explore what it is that you came here to do in this lifetime. We highlight your natural gifts, along with current planetary placements affecting your life right now, offering a new awareness of how to flow through, enjoy and celebrate all the different seasons of your life. 
I also bring my in depth expertise and years of experience teaching Integrated Movement Therapies, Pilates & Dance while exploring your elemental distribution and share practical tools you can use day to day, to help balance your elemental body, enhancing your mind-body connection and bring awareness to your missing element & strong element whether that is FIRE, EARTH, AIR, OR WATER. Balance is key. 

My journey with Astrology.... 
Astrology has been a deep passion of mine for most of my life. It has helped me over the years navigate huge changes, challenges & celebrations along with a deep study, understanding and compassion for myself and for others. In recent years wanting to share this knowledge with my clients, family and friends, I was inspired and blessed to be welcomed in DSA School and be taught by Debra Silverman herself! Since graduated, I have travelled to many beautiful places to read in-depth charts for such amazing women. I am full of gratitude for the incredible feedback and impact it has had on so many. Along with the transformative STM movement classes offered, sharing this incredible Astrology knowledge is the perfect piece to incorporate , making Soul Tone Movement come to life in a whole new way.
Building strength, confidence, grace and growth from the inside-out.  MIND | BODY | SOUL. 

***Online appointments available with recording provided to download. 
***Please email to book an appointment and for any other inquiries.

“Kate is very intuitive, intelligent and inspiring. I am so grateful I was able to learn from her. My reading was insightful and Kate was very supportive. I have found great value in the new perspective I have gained. I am looking forward to my next one!”
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